Ways I Serve

I can help you assess your current environment to identify what might make your world significantly more positive & rewarding.

Stuck in the same old rut?  Invite me to walk alongside you, listen and help you explore the events of your life. You'll discover new approaches that produce better outcomes.

Individual Coaching

I love to bring challenging new insights and skills that others deeply engage with to walk away changed, whether a one-time talk or a weekend retreat.

Public Speaking


A scientifically developed, multi-dimensional personality and career assessment.  The Birkman Method provides personality and occupational data to help you understand your unique behavior and satisfaction across different social and work situations. Click the link below to learn more. 

Birkman Assessment

Clients often ask for specific training topics, whether related to leadership, organizational skills or faith. Each topic is customized to meet the unique needs of the group.

Organizational Training


The Identity Profile Self-Awareness Tool helps you grow in self-awareness, prioritize your growth & avoid common pitfalls. Click the IPSAT tab above to learn more.


Cathy Lee, Leadership Coach
Phone: (501) 514-0800

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