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Identity Profile Self-Awareness Tool

Clear away the fog to better see your unique identity.

IPSAT is not a new assessment; rather, it is a guided discovery experience designed to help individuals gain confidence and clarity about what you do best, focus on the most important steps for personal growth, and expose self-defeating behaviors that sabotage relationships and derail your leadership. IPSAT helps you clear away the fog around your identity by exploring your personality, strengths, skills, values and passions.  As your IPSAT Coach, I walk with you through this journey to help you apply what you are learning about your Identity. 


We offer a Values Based IPSAT, ideal for individuals and teams, or, a Faith Based IPSAT, ideal for those in churches, private Christian universities, and ministries.  Explore the short videos for more information.

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What others say about the IPSAT Experience:

I've taken several assessments before, so I didn't really think I would discover anything new.  But wow!  The discussion around derailers really opened my eyes to what I quickly recognize as my common pitfalls. Learning how to avoid those and stay in my strengths was a huge revelation to me!  I've already begun to see progress in using that strategy.  ~ Viktor, entrepreneur, Czech Rep.

It was very helpful for me to understand myself better and how I can help others and work with others better by doing this. Cathy was great to talk with and helped me narrow down how all the pieces of my identity connect and what pieces I specifically need to gain a better understanding about.  I feel like I have some solid next steps.     ~ Naomi, ministry staff, Canada

I was very pleased with the experience. Cathy’s questions, insights and knowledge about the process was enlightening and encouraging! My husband and I plan to schedule another session.  ~ Karen, pastor's wife/ministry leader, USA

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