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My work & play


I've enjoyed a diverse career, holding leadership positions in a variety of companies and industries.


For much of my career, I led a multi-million dollar business for a global technology leader serving Fortune 500 companies in the US and UK. For more than a decade, the industry saw unparalleled advancement in technology and a radically changing workforce culture. I learned to balance rapidly changing customer solutions with the continual recruitment, training, and retention of skilled personnel, while meeting or exceeding tough revenue and profitability targets.


For many years I also served full-time on the staff of my church, one of three leaders responsible for operational leadership of 700 adult members, 11 staff and more than 40 volunteer leaders. 


As a follower of Jesus Christ, I bring the values of integrity, honesty and truthfulness to our coaching relationship. Coaching would not be worth your investment without a high degree of trust.   What I WON'T be bringing to our calls is evangelism or proselytizing.  If you ever have an interest in my relationship with Jesus, I'm very open to talking about it, but on my dime and my time - not yours. But it's important for you to know that I will pray for you as my client. 

I'm also an avid reader and life-long learner.  I love travel and landscape photography!   In addition to living in Europe for several years, I've traveled to more than 20 countries, including a wonderful trip to Antarctica. My best friend John and I have been married since 1981. 

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