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Become a confident leader others want to follow

"Being a leader is tough.  You're expected to know everything for everyone all the time.     It's not fair, but it's not going to change.  But you can change."
Keith Webb

Get the results you need - without losing sleep


People depend on you.  So many expectations are resting on your shoulders.    I can help you get rid of that knot in your stomach, when you lie awake at night, spinning through problems in search of solutions.  Working with a Coach opens up creative thinking and new possibilities to help you achieve the results you need.

Lead with clarity and confidence

Thousands of leadership books will tell you how to lead.  But, like a set of clothes, you have to find the style that fits who you are.  We work on clarifying your personal leadership style: how you communicate, delegate, and celebrate; We explore how you express your strengths, what causes stress, and the environment that brings out your best. Leading authentically gives you freedom to do the same for others, looking for & releasing the unique strengths in others.  Now you can lead with confidence, like slipping into your favorite  pair of jeans.  

Build relationships of trust & loyalty 

People get promoted based on their technical expertise and ability to  achieve individual results.  Then they are told to lead others to achieve results. How do you influence others, without getting out the hammer and chisel to carve them into your own image? Relationships are key to effective leadership! Let's figure out better ways to communicate, to solve problems, to empower and release others to contribute their best, every day. You'll notice results are pursued and sustained, even when you are not present.
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Stop Losing Sleep
  • Are you losing sleep over problems at work?

  • Feeling overwhelmed? 

  • Concerned you won't perform up to everyone's expectations? 

  • Are you working too many hours and still not getting it all done?

  • Feeling guilty that your family is paying the price? 

  • Know you can do better, if you could just tap into it?

I've been there. I understand feeling overwhelmed at times, losing sleep, knowing so many people are counting on me.  With more than 30 years in organizational leadership, I understand the challenges leaders face every day.


There's hope.  You CAN do it!  I guide individuals just like you to discover:

  • your own leadership style, which releases you to be your best self

  • how to empower your team toward greater productivity

  • new possibilities for getting the results you need

  • how to build healthy, trusting relationships, and

  • how to become the confident leader others want to follow

Get Started

Where Do I Begin?


1. Book a strategy call

In this complimentary call, we assess where you are, and where you want to be. We explore whether coaching is the right path for you at this time, and if I'm the right person you want to work with. There's no obligation, and you'll walk away with at least one solid action step to move you toward your goal. 

Image by Hello I'm Nik 🎞

2. Select a coaching package

You have options.  If you decide coaching is right for you, we select a path for working together that works best for you.  How fast do you want go?  How much time can you focus on your growth?  Modify your package or cancel any time. 

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3. Enjoy better results

You begin immediately taking new actions that produce better results.  You learn more about yourself and your leadership.  It doesn't take long before you're leading  more comfortably, like wearing your favorite pair of jeans. 


Ty Stafford pic.jpeg

Ty S.
Level-Up Leadership Impact

Non-Profit Team Leader

Before I worked with Cathy I was struggling in knowing my leadership style and had a lot fewer leadership tools in my tool belt. I was struggling in a few important conversations and with the help of her coaching I really have seen a difference in my leadership and impact. Particularly helpful was digging deep in being aware of who I am as a leader and being able to communicate with others my leadership style. I highly recommend her and wish I'd grown in this way 15 years ago!

Debra Shannon.png

Regain focus

Business Owner

I didn't realize how valuable Cathy's coaching would be to my business and my sanity. Cathy helped me regain my focus and tackle the obstacles that hamper my progress, helping me not just work IN my business, but ON my business. She has impacted my life and business so much! 

Pam  Dunn_edited.jpg

Pam D.
Helped me think differently

Passionate PreSales Leader

I leaned into coaching and grew so much in my leadership in 2023. I could not have done it without Cathy, who helped me think differently and to lean into who I am as a leader as well as Who's I am.  Also appreciate helping me put things into perspective and get ready for my new adventure in 2024. 

Screenshot 2024-01-07 at 4.26.54 PM.png

Helped me to believe

 Business Owner/CEO

If I had not met you when I did, the pic on the left could have been one of my last.  God used you to save me. 

You gave me just enough hope to be accountable, enough wisdom to want to learn more, and enough love that I thought “just maybe I’m worth it.” The homework kept me focused on solutions not problems. You are the catalyst to a life I didn’t think was possible.  Thank you Cathy for doing something that literally no one else could have done.

You helped me to believe.

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