Where to Begin:

Starting a coaching relationship is an exciting time for you to dream about a more desirable future! But you may be asking, is coaching right for me? Or, is now the right time? To help answer these questions, I offer a FREE strategy session. At the end of this call, I promise that you will be able to:

  • catch a vision for a more powerful future;

  • determine where you might be stuck;

  • identify key milestones you will want to meet along the way;

  • leave with one important action step you can take immediately


This strategy session provides clarity around what's most important to you, and gives you confidence to move forward.


If coaching is right for you, we dig in to better define your specific goals and select the coaching package that best meets your needs.  I'll ask you to review a Coaching Agreement that explains what you can expect from me, and what I expect from you. I meet with my clients by phone or internet (Zoom or Skype video conferencing), and every conversation moves you that much closer to your goals. 


After that, we're off and running!  We'll have checkpoints along the way to make sure I'm serving you in the best way for you to make progress, and we'll make adjustments where needed.  You're under no obligation to continue coaching, and can cancel at any time. 


Easy, right? 

Cathy Lee, Leadership Coach
Phone: (501) 514-0800

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