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Do You Have Mental "Squatters?"

Updated: Dec 25, 2018

I have a small efficiency apartment above my garage that I offer to missionaries visiting our area.

Many times I don't know these people personally, but I'm always careful to check them out before agreeing to invite them in. This apartment has access to my entire house.

A friend challenged me the other day, "Your mind is like the house you live in. Why should you allow unproductive thoughts or burdens to move in and take up residence in your mind that could affect everything else?"

It has really got me thinking.

Problems, worries, fears, what I could have done or should have done, especially what others may be thinking or doing, are often the "squatters" who quietly move into my mind, along with all their baggage. They take up precious space and resources I need for more productive thoughts and actions. I've decided to confront the squatters head on and invite them to leave. If they aren't contributing to my goals, they gotta go. Mentally releasing them from my mind frees up critical thinking for what IS important.

How have you experienced mental "squatters?" How did you "invite" them to leave?

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