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I wear a lot of hats, between being co-owner/entrepreneur of an IT company, and wife & mom to a large family. My plate was overloaded! You listened and heard me better than I heard myself. You asked questions that were spot on, digging deep into the causes of stress, and revealed what I needed to change about me and about my circumstances. The results I consistently achieve are above & beyond my investment in coaching!   

Entrepreneur/Business Owner

ALISON M. Totally worth the investment!

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'Being able to discuss, process and make an action plan about essential matters in my life has been invaluable to me.  It helps me address these matters in real time and consider tangible next steps that move me in the direction of change that shapes my character.  In two years,  I've seen more growth personally and professionally than ever before.'

Ministry Leader

CHRIS L. Coaching supports character-change.

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'I didn't realize how valuable Cathy's coaching would be to my business and my sanity. Cathy helped me to regain my focus and tackle the obstacles that hamper my progress, helping me not just work IN my business, but ON my business. She's impacted my life and business so much!'

Entrepreneur/Business Owner

DEBRA S.   Regain focus.

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'God used you in a short time to better my life. I'm sharper in my life purpose. I have fresh motivation and new ways of thinking that propel me forward, and I've grown in problem-solving and thinking strategically.  I'm so grateful to have had this experience with you!'

Ministry Leader

JACKIE C.   New ways of thinking strategically.

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'I realize that since I began working with you, I've gotten so many critical projects done. I also feel so much better - I have better clarity and hope for continued growth.  God has used you as a life-changer for me and my family.'

Ministry Leader/Family Manager/Mom

HULDA B.   Clarity & hope.

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